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Seven Orchids is a modern greenhouse horticulture company based in Bleiswijk and Bergschenhoek in the Netherlands with an area of ​​75,000 m². Seven Orchids specializes in growing and cultivating the large-flowered cymbidium. Seven Orchids consists of three owners; Art, Paco and Jari van Wijk.


Seven Orchids offers our customers a year-round range. Different in colors, different in concepts, but always recognizable by the high quality and distinctive cultivars.

You will find more than 100 cultivars of cymbidium at Seven Orchids. Forty percent comes from own selection and breeding. This is due to their added value in the area of cultivation performance, range and sustainability. Seven Orchids produced with the latest technologies to enable high-quality production all year round. This means that a wide range is offered throughout the year. Look at assortment for more information about which cymbidium we have at the moment.

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Art van Wijk


Paco van Wijk

Jari van Wijk.jpeg

Jari van Wijk

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